BRIEN: fine maple products

This family business, founded in 1956, is committed to offering all-natural products of exceptional quality, made in the greatest respect for tradition. No preservatives and no artificial flavor are added to BRIEN maple products, which can be certified organic on request. The BRIEN maple sweets meets the highest manufacturing standards and holds internationally recognized certifications.

Bull's Head: craft sodas

Made in Québec since 1896, the Bull's Head range of sodas stands out for its quality and the simplicity of its ingredients. Made from extracts and natural ingredients, without preservatives, GMOs and refined sugar, Bull's Head develops unique products: Ginger Soda, Ginger Green Tea, Ginger Spruce, Ginger Beer, Natural Cola, Root Beer, Orangeade and Tonic. From fine taste to high taste, you will find a product that matches your desires, whether alone or as a cocktail.

Blue: jams and rillettes

Bleu is a young but very proactive Québec company owned by Dominique Gravel, who is potting nature with its jam of wild blueberries picked by hand in the forests of Québec and its precious ground cherry jam with a delicate taste of caramel. Not to mention its new wonder: rillettes of Québec wild mushrooms, concocted from these Canadian jewels that are wild mushrooms, ice cider and Labrador tea flowers.

iSens: organic maple syrup

iSens is the pleasure of maple syrup in your everyday life. From lunch to dinner, all their products sublimate your meals. In the respect of values, environment and ecology, iSens wishes to contribute in the preservation of the taste, but also of the planet.

Blasanna: oils and vinegars

The selection of Gourmet Blasanna is a blend of 80% Trebbiano grape must and 20% wine vinegar, which gives an incomparable thickness and richness. The equivalent of a balsamic vinegar of 18 years of aging, with a more than reasonable price. Produced in Québec with vinegar and Italian oils and herbs from Québec, Gourmet Blasanna's products can be sent directly from Italy for export to Europe.

OB Drink: baobab juice

OB Drink is a functional drink made from baobab bulb powder considered as superfood. In addition to its pleasant taste, OB Drink juices are loaded with nutrients. Baobab powder contains natural fibers, vitamins A, B2, B6, C, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It contains naturally Omega 3, 6, and 9 without counting antioxidants such as ascorbic, citric, tartaric, malic and succinic acids.

Saint-Justin: natural mineral water

Coming from a single source, the Saint-Justin water originates in the mountainous region of the Lower Laurentians in Québec and travels from the virgin side of these mountains to the village of Saint-Justin in Mauricie. Saint-Justin meets the classification criteria of a natural mineral water, in particular by its total dissolved mineral composition and because it undergoes no transformation or modification coming from a single and naturally gaseous source.

Bolema: functional drinks

Bolema is a Québec company that manufactures a unique range of 100% natural functional drinks, formulated with plant extracts and quality juices. Tasty beverages that stand out for the effectiveness and benefits of the active ingredients in our botanical extracts. The juices are 100% natural and contain no refined sugar, color, artificial flavor or preservative.

Eaux Saint-Léger: demineralized water

Eaux Saint-Léger inc. produces, bottles and distributes pure, sterile and demineralized water whose quality exceeds market standards thanks to its ultra deionization technique. Demineralized water is equivalent to distilled water, guaranteeing purified water. This water is sold in bulk to the industrial sector and bottled or bulk to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hospital sectors. It is bottled PET or HDPE for retail.

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